CheerDriving Community Development Invitation1, Register RewardsEvery car owner who registers will receive $6.8 reward in your Cheerdriving account, you can use it for order payment or apply to w...
2020 . 06 . 04
Mercedes C200 W205 Wireless Carplay DemoSupport factory rear cameraWireless carplay interfaceOnline music playingOnline navigationTesting Siri functionMirror link playing favourite movieMirroring link...
2020 . 06 . 01
2015 Mercedes CLS Wireless Carplay DemoWireless carplay interfaceOnline music playingOnline navigation and siri functionMirroring link
2020 . 05 . 29
Today our factory prepared stock for us, including almost all compatible car models, I will take good care of these items and hope they will arrive your hands ASAP!
2020 . 05 . 28
CheerDriving 1st Round LotteryStart time: 2020/5/27Lottery rule:Every participant will get a lucky draw number in order after you input correct information, then once we reach 100 sales , this round l...
2020 . 05 . 27
Audi Concert/Symphony System Wireless Carplay Demo Online music playing  Mirroring link Support rear cameraOnline navigation         Online navigation
2020 . 05 . 25
From April 28, Cheerdriving team will work at a new office which loaced in 2F, Shenzhen Computer Building, Bantian Street, Shenzhen city. It is a amazing working place with great decoration and l...
2020 . 05 . 18
2014 BMW MINI Wireless Carplay Demo Wireless carplay interfaceOnline musicMirroring link
2020 . 05 . 13
BMW 520i NBT Wireless Carplay Demo               Support factory rear camear           Online Navigation   Wireless carp...
2020 . 03 . 10
Nothing happened when I press the switch button?For Touareg RCD550, when our box is working(blue light is flashing)but you can't switch to carplay system, please check below solution first:Check b...
2020 . 12 . 03
1, Select Setup-Smart phone-Apple device-Carplay (Keep Carlife OFF!)2, Keep your iphone's wifi on and find wifi named”WiFi-CP-AP-*****' but DON'T connect any network3, Check your ipho...
2020 . 10 . 18
Bosch head unitBosch head unitHarman head unitHarman head unitCheerdriving have wireless carplay solutions for Land Rover/Range Rover with Harman and Bosch head unit, click here to orde...
2020 . 10 . 05
Identify Mercedes Comand APS NTG Head UnitComand APS NTG5.0/5.5Comand APS NTG5.1Comand APS NTG5.0/5.2Comand APS NTG4.5/4.7Comand NTG4.0Comand NTG4.0Comand NTG4.0Comand NTG3.5(W221)Comand NTG3.0(W221)C...
2020 . 07 . 19
Touareg RNS850 Navigation System OverviewThe RNS 850 navigation system, available exclusively for the Touareg, supports the driver and other occupants both on and off the road. With (optional) feature...
2020 . 07 . 10
CheerDriving Technology is a professional smart auto upgrade solution manufacture and distributor located in Shenzhen, China. Our have exclusive solution and lead the market with best quality and stability,we provide strong pre-sales and after-sales technical support with over 10 years experience in car retrofit market . Our slogan is “to make autos better”, aiming to build a car refit sharing community and invite worldwide car owners and enthusiasts to join and share ideas, we meet intresting g...
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