SUPER SALE Campaign Details

Date: 2020-11-17
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SUPER SALE Campaign Details

SUPER SALE Campaign Details

1, Registeration Rewards

Every car owner who registers will receive $6.8 reward in your Cheerdriving account, you can use it for order payment or apply to withdraw 7 days later after you register.(Just send a apply email to Click→Register now!

2, Coupons

We will put $20~$50 random coupons(valid till 2020.12.31) into your Cheerdriving account, you can use it to order.ClickCheck My Coupons

3, Commissions

To reward members who make contribution to CheerDriving Community, we increase the commission rewards from $20/set to $35/set, you can get $35 in your CheerDriving account if you recommended one new member to buy our product. You can use it for order payment or withdraw it 7 days later after you get it.(Just send a apply email to

4,Lottery (for guys who bought Cheerbox)

when you check our website homepage, you will find that there is a Lottery area where you need input right information to participate, lottery rules as below:

Every participant will get a lucky draw number in order after you input correct information as above, then for every 100 kits we sell, we start a new lottery round, the guy in this round whose draw number last digit is same as DJI(Dow Jones index) yesterday's closing price last digit will get the prize.When we sell 1000 kits, we will draw a super lucky guy from all participants who will get a big surprise!!! 

(noted:Product ID is unique which shows on Cheerbox)

5,Rewarding for CarPlay demo/installation pictures/video

You can take pictures or videos when you installing or demo and send to us, CheerDriving community will reward you $10-$50 to your account if we post your works on our website or FB, Youtube.

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