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  • Universal HD Waterproof Front/Rear Camera 


    1.Anti fog glass.
    2.CMOS imaging sensor.
    3.Format: PAL.
    4.Snap-in design, it is easy to install.
    5.High sensitivity and low power consumption.
    6.Waterproof, shockproof and antijamming functions.
    7.It helps to avoid incidents and accidents abrasion well.
    8.Extra-low illumination of 0.5 Lux for clear night vision.
    9.Its simple and modest design and small size won't draw any attention.
    10.This camera can give you a full sight of the back of your car when you are driving.
    11.To protect your car from collision with invisible obstacle, choose a high definition and good quality camera as ours.
    12.Perfect solution to get rid of that poor rear view visibility on your car that has no rear-view mirror or poor rear vision.


    Pixels: 656(H) * 492(V)
    Video output 1.0VP-P, 75 OHM
    Scanning system 2: 1 interlace
    Operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃, RH95% MAX
    Storage temperature -40 ° C to 85 ° C, RH 95% MAX
    TV system: NTSC
    Light perception area of 3.584mm * 2.688mm
    Gamma coefficient: 0.45
     Lens angle lens angle: Level: 135° / Diagonal 170°
    Horizontal clarity 480 TV lines
    Shutter speed 1-1 / 10000
    White balance auto
    Waterproof grade IP67 / 68
    Power supply: DC 12V

    (JCUC-1)Universal HD Waterproof Front/Rear Camera

    (JCUC-1)Universal HD Waterproof Front/Rear Camera

    (JCUC-1)Universal HD Waterproof Front/Rear Camera

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