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  • ---FEATURES---

    1.Factory Integration, work with existing factory head unit and display screen, based on plug and play, no need coding or programing.

    2.OEM Control,work with original controls — knobs, buttons, joystick or touchscreen, Siri voice control.

    3.Wireless Apple CarPlay,enter Carplay system automatically when get in car

    4.Wired CarPlay using USB lightning cable

    5.Mirror Link for iPhone and Android Phones

    6.Navigation apps, Apple Maps ,Google Maps, Waze all available.

    7.Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM Raido Whatsapp,Overcast etc. audio through original media system.

    8.Support factory/aftermarket front/rear/360 camera.

    9.USB flash drive to play favourite music and HD movies

    10.Switch between day and night mode automatically.




    Boxster, Cayman, 911 2017-2018 MY

    Macan 2017-2018 MY

    2017 -2018MY Porsche PCM4.0Wireless Carplay

    2017 -2018MY Porsche PCM4.0Wireless Carplay

  • (JCPO-1)Porsche Bosxter/Cayman/911/Macan 2017-2018MY Wireless Carplay Android Auto Mirror Link Interface


    (JCPO-1)Porsche Bosxter/Cayman/911/Macan 2017-2018MY Wireless Carplay Android Auto Mirror Link Interface

  • ---FUNCTIONS---


    1,Wireless Connection

    2,Enter Carplay mode automatically when get in car

    3, Support Whatsapp,Waze,Spotify,Google Maps,etc

    2017 -2018MY Porsche PCM4.0Wireless Carplay

    1,Connected by USB cable

    2,Charging your iphone at the same time

    3,Support Whatsapp,Waze,Spotify,Google Maps,etc

    2017 -2018MY Porsche PCM4.0Wireless Carplay

    1,Connected by USB cable

    2,Support iphone and Android phone

    3,Mirror all apps from your phone to car display

    2017 -2018MY Porsche PCM4.0Wireless Carplay

    1,Connected by USB cable

    2,Support all android system

    2017 -2018MY Porsche PCM4.0Wireless Carplay

    1,Plug into Carplay USB cable input

    2,Playing your favorite music and HD movies

    2017 -2018MY Porsche PCM4.0Wireless Carplay

    1,Support original/aftermarket camera

    2,Support front/rear/360 camera

    3,Support Dynamic Guideline

    2017 -2018MY Porsche PCM4.0Wireless Carplay

  • ---FAQ---

    Q1:How can I confirm which model can work with my car?

    A1:Please check our compatible car models first, if still can't confirm, please feel free to send photos of control panels and display screen to us have a check.

    (Noted: CheerDriving kit can only work with factory head unit and screen)

    Q2:Where are you located and can you ship to our country?

    A2:CheerDriving Technology is Located in Shenzhen, China and we ship worldwide by DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT, it usually takes 3-7 working days delivery time.

    Q3:Does your price include VAT or import tax?

    A3:We ship from China and our price doesn't include VAT or tax, it is out of our control.

    Q4:Do you offer warranty and what's your refund policy?

    A4:We offer 18 months warranty and agree refund/replacement if any quality issues.

    Q5:Can I install the kit myself, is it difficult?

    A5:We have installation diagrams and videos for your reference, all based on plug and play, usually it will takes 2 hours to install.

    Q6:Do you have user manual?

    A6:Yes, we have detail user manual for you, moreover, if you need any technical support, please free to contact us anytime!

    Q7:How can I know if I need firmware update?

    A7:We guarantee that will send you our products with newest version and usually they don't need frequent software updated,you only need to update your iOS or android system to get the latest carplay or android auto system.If we got new software version release, we will inform you timely and send you free software update file and instructions.

    Q8:If I bought your products from other supplier or retrofit store, can you offer technical support if I needed?

    A8:We offer technical support for ALL CheerDriving Products, no matter where you bought it. Please feel free to contact us anytime you need any support.

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